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December 2011

Posters, Campaigns, Other Print

The Berlin district of Neukölln is one of the poorest in the city with 25% of its residents receiving social security (Hartz IV). This neighbourhood has experienced a wave of gentrification in recent years that has resulted in higher rents and the displacement of the poorer and marginalized. The activist group FelS focuses on the struggle against precarity and its new form in the labour market and in everyday life. In 2011 the FelS initiative “Together! Against the JobCenter Neukölln” organized a campaign against the JobCenter in the form of militant research. They collected people’s stories and experiences, conducted surveys, organized breakfast discussions, and even held an awards ceremony for the worst JobCenter “coach.” The information collected provided the basis for a series of posters and stickers.

WITH: FelS (Für ein Linke Strömung/Towards a Left-Wing Current) - Initiative - Zusammen! Gegen das Jobcenter Neukölln, Drei Groschen Druck (Posters Printing), Oktoberdruck (Books and Stickers Printing), Brigitta Kuster (Text Workshop)

Series of 8 Posters: Format 480 x 680 mm, 2 Colors, Offset Print (4 languages: GE, EN, TU, AR)
Books: 128 Pages, 4 different covers, Cover CMYK, Content 1 Color, Offset Print, Munken Paper (German)
Series of 18 Stickers: CMYK, Offset Print (4 languages: GE, EN, TU, AR)
Questionnaires: A4, Black and white Photocopies on color paper

Posters and stickers: Gahard (Formes Vives)
Books: FF Tisa (Mitja Miklavčič)
Questionnaires: Garage Gothic (Tobias Frere-Jones) and FF Tisa (Mitja Miklavčič)

Interview with one of the member of the initiative (German)
Initiative website (German)
Book (PDF, German)
Questionnaire (PDF, German)
Couching instead of Coaching (further action of the initiative, German)
FelS (Towards a left wing current)

Posters: Pierre Maite
Documentation: Pierre Maite, Matthias …, FelS