God Is Not Working On Sunday!

March 2015

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Twenty years after the devastating genocide, Rwanda today is celebrated as one of the most progressive countries on the African continent. It has fast economic growth, a leading IT sector, and the first parliament in the world ruled by a female majority. Twenty years earlier, women were not allowed to talk publicly without the permission of their husbands. How did this happen? Rwandan women from all walks of life came together and began organizing collectively to create social change. “God Is Not Working On Sunday” tells the story of Godelieve and Florida, two of many Rwandan women who are working to overcome the trauma of genocide through organizing activities and services for individuals and communities, both survivors and perpetrators. Despite their divided histories, these women are struggling for a common goal: reconciliation, equal rights and political empowerment for women. Without financial means or any specific education, they have managed to build a vibrant, independent women’s network that today plays a decisive part in reconstructing their communities, reconciling relationships, and driving social change. The film follows Godelieve and Florida as they pursue their visions determined and self-confident, through the patriarchal structures. Through an intimate, long-term observing portrait, it narrates their transformation process, moving from traumatic shock to activism and political participation.

WITH: Leo Goldstein (Filmaker), Veronika Janatkova (Producer)