May 2008

Posters, Campaigns, Other Print

« After years of de­fen­si­ve strugg­les and sur­ren­der, de­man­ds are fi­nal­ly being made. Wi­t­hin these strugg­les, the old ques­ti­on ari­ses again: How do we want to live and work? And how is we­alth di­stri­bu­ted in so­cie­ty? We aren‘t in­te­rested in di­s­cus­sing what wage per­cen­ta­ge in­crea­se is ju­s­ti­fied or not. So­me­thing is cle­ar­ly not right here: Too much shit, for too litt­le money! Not en­ough cake for ever­yo­ne… But who can ac­tual­ly strike? » (from the Mayday Berlin 2008 call). The motto of the Mayday Berlin coalition « be.STREIK.Berlin - Organizes the beautiful life! » — specifically addressed the increasing precariousness of today’s living and work conditions. Together with the coalition we designed this poster series produced in the context of the mobilization for the Mayday demonstration that took place in Berlin.

WITH: FelS (Für eine linke Strömung), Drei Groschen Druck (Printing)