Stop Deportation

November 2016

Posters, Campaigns

Summer 2016, on the plane from Brussels to Yaoundé in Cameroon, the border police tried to deportate a sans papier. Spectators of this shocking and violent scene, several passengers of the flight intervened peacefully to stop successfully this deportation. Few minutes later 6 passengers were forced to leave the plane and were questioned several hours by the Belgian police and detained until the following day. A few weeks after the incident, these six passengers were summoned to the Brussels Court and accused of violent rebellion against the police and airline personnel. The accused face heavy fines and even prison sentences. Trésor, Berlin activist of voix des migrants as well as the other 5 defendants is one of them. Together we design this posters to raise awareness on the repression of solidarity. With Bildargumente, Voix des Migrants

WITH: Voix des Migrants, Bildargumente

A2 Posters, Offset Print

Viva Beautiful, FF Mark