Beyond Welcome

December 2016

Posters, Campaigns

One and half year after the so called « summer of migration » and its wave of support the situation changed and the mainstream migration discourse is lately dominated by racist positions. We wanted to know what the city (and people involved in the „summer of migration“) had to say about this. We took the task to design a poster for the benefit party about welcome - organized once a year to finance projects dealing with issues around migration and racism - as a invitation to state positions to the current situation on both issues in the public space.

WITH: Bildargumente (Co-Design), Jib Collective (Photography), Stean Thompson (Interview), Bukra by Pascal Zoghbi - 29Letters and FF Markt by FontFont (Typography), Manege HILFT, Roma Art Action, Roma ano Hamburg, CISPM Berlin, Voix des Migrants, Ibrahim, Ali, Osman, Abil, Selami, Leone, Bos, Leonardo, Guiliano, Jack Adams, Hussein, Sedjad Farsaneh and many more.