Migration Control

January 2017


The fight against uncontrolled migration has become a top priority for European governments. 25 journalists – editors and correspondents of the taz as well as freelancers – and some academics have been researching this topic together since July 2016 in 21 countries. We wanted to know: What exactly is being done today to prevent migration? How much money does it actually flow? What are the consequences for the people of Africa, for refugees, for labor migrants? Who are the « winners », who are the « losers » of this policy? The outsourcing of European migration control affects many people in other parts of the world. But they usually have very little opportunity to learn about this policy. Individual contributions were to be read in the taz before 17 November 2016. This webite was released on 18 December for the UN World Day of Migrants. It answers the question of who is being paid to stop refugees and migrants. Detailed statistics on the EU, the eight most important European donor countries and Israel, as well as 26 African states and Turkey have been produced. There are background reports on the most important topics: payments, development aid, Frontex, internment, history, militarisation, deportation, diplomacy and biometry. African voices, interviews, reports and features - a total of around 100 texts, many researched on the spot. It is the most comprehensive documentation on the European migration control that exists. In June 2017 the information was updated.

WITH: TAZ Tageszeitung, Bildargmente (Co-Design), Jib Collective (Coding), DeepaMehta (Coding)

Tisa (Mitja Miklavcic), Mark (Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin)