EuroMayday Hamburg

May 2010

Posters, Campaigns, Other Print

In 2001 a network of European activists set up a May 1 (or Labor Day) demonstration called EuroMayDay to underscore the varied and increasing forms of precarity in everyday life and work. The EuroMayDay network has grown over the years and, in Hamburg, the demo has taken place annually since 2005. In 2010 our studio participated in EuroMayDay workshops with other artists and activists to discuss the production of creative, political work in an increasingly precarious and hyper-capitalist urban environment. We worked together with the Hamburg organizers to create a range of comical and provocative posters, masks, and info material for the demonstration. The slogans used highlighted the link between gentrification and precarity.

WITH: EuroMayday B√ľndnis Hamburg