June 2015

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The installation of Ulrich Urban, Konis, took place in the context of the project 25/25/25 initiated by the Stiftung Kunst NRW. The work of Ulrich Urban is dealing with carbon and especially coal, which plays a important role in the industrial, political and socio-cultural development of the Ruhr area and which brought a profound transformation of the mining geology of the district. Ulrich Urban installation developed for the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, is dealing with the the chemical and physical level of the raw material and its convoluted biopsychosocial relation to man.

WITH: Ulrich Urban , Kunsthalle Recklinghausen (Exhibition Space), Kunststiftung NRW (Project 25/25/25), Oktoberdruck (Printing)

Booklet Format: 140 mm x 210 mm, 1.000 copies, 40 Pages, Papers: Munken Polar, Print: 1 Colors Print, Language: German.

FF Franziska (Jakob Runge), Neue Haas Unica (Linotype)