Ditching The Fear

May 2015


Based on interviews with workers and activists, Labournet TV’s, « Ditching the fear » shows the precarious situation of the workers in the logistics sector in northern Italy. Big companies like IKEA are using the precarious situation of workers from Morocco or Tunisia to exploit them by underpaying them and even placing them under psychological or physical pressure. The movie addresses the self-organized movement of the workers, Facchin, as well as the support from local activists.

WITH: Labournet TV, Sylvain Mazas (Arabic Typography Support), Oktoberdruck (Print)

Series of 10 Posters, Format A1 Offset Print 2 Colors, 500 copies, 4 Languages (IT, EN, DE, AR)

Filmotype Leader (Designed by Patrick Griffin. Published by Filmotype), Mark (Hannes von Döhren, Christoph Koeberlin, FontFont Type Department), The Sans Arabic (Lucas Font)