August 2014

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In August 2014, « sans papiers » facing deportation squatted an empty school in Berlin-Kreuzberg to claim their rights. After days of police deployment, blockage of the neighbourhood, an initiative of neighbours of the school decided to organize against the isolation and the criminalization of the school squatters by giving visibility to their claims. Those A4 photocopy flyers displays quotes from communication between the school and « outside » supporters, newspapers or direct tweets from « the roof » of the school. The flyers were distributed during actions and are available for download.

WITH: Ohlauerstr Neighbors Initiative, Bildargumente , Joel, Mo, Claire

Series of 24 A4 flyers, photocopy on neon color paper.

DIN Next (Designed by Akira Kobayashi, Linotype Design Studio and Sandra Winter)

Ça ira!, Andrea Linss, Christoph Löffler, Neukoellnbild