Forever Lause

July 2017

Posters, Campaigns

Under the claim Forever Lause, nearly 200 people are organized for the safety of their housing or office. The tenants of the Lausitzer Strasse 10 & 11 (where our office is also located) are threaten to end up on the currently highly speculated Berlin real estate market. The Lausitzer Strasse 10 & 11 is one of the few remaining example of the so call « Kreuzberg Mix » (Kreuzberger Mischung). Indeed you can find classical housing flat as well as wood workshops, antifascist archive, artists and further more. Since almost a year the tenants are organized to keep this place which already as a long history. This series of posters displaying information on the current situation as well as the different perspectives, needs and visions of the many people living and working there.

WITH Bildargumente, Lisa Klinkenberg, Sylvain Mazas (Co-Design); Jan Ole Arps, Bini Adamczak (Text); Jonathan Brooking (Photos) and the tenants of the Lausitzer Strasse 10 & 11

A1 Posters, Offset Print

Viva Beautiful, FF Mark